Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Soft Drinks

Coke (original, diet, zero), sprite, lift, fanta $4.5
Lemon lime bitters $5.5


Organic springs still water $3.5
Santa Vittoria sparkling mineral water $5.9

Iced Tea $6

Peach, lemon, mango or raspberry

Iced Drinks $6.5

Chocolate, coffee, mocha, caramel, strawberry, chai latte, choc cookie, or caramel latte

Shakes $6

Chocolate, strawberry, banana, caramels, vanilla, coffee, mocha, or honeycomb
Make it a thickshake $2.0
Add malt $0.5

Fresh Juice $7

Healthy: lemon, orange, apple, and pineapple
Circulator: celery, apple, carrot, beetroot, ginger
Liver cleanser: beetroot, carrot, watermelon
Extra boost: orange, carrot, pineapple, celery
Stress buster: rockmelon, strawberry, watermelon
Summer tropics: watermelon, rockmelon, pineapple
Make your own: apple, orange, watermelon, pineapple, rockmelon, carrot, celery, beetroot, strawberry or ginger (max 4)

Smoothies $7.5

Passion: mango, passionfruit
Bananaberry: blueberry, banana
Mixed berry: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry
Tango: mango, peach
Make your own: mango, banana, peach, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, or passionfruit (max 3)

Frappes $6.5

Red: apple, raspberry, and orange
Yellow: banana, pineapple, mango, and passionfruit
Pink: strawberry, peach, and watermelon
Green: pineapple, apple and mint
Purple: watermelon, banana, blueberry, and strawberry
Make your own: apple, pineapple, orange, watermelon, rockmelon, strawberry, raspberry, mango, blueberry, mint, passionfruit, or peach (max 4)